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Debug Enable is a file for Sim City that allows you to access the debug menu within the game. This file was created by Reddit user trixisowned and is currently working as of patch version 1.5.

Documention of the debug menu is at Developer Tools.


Mod Abilities

Debug Menu
Access the SimCity developer debug mode.

This mode includes the feature to add freeways outside the city boundaries.
The modifications created when it debug mode will save to the server and can be seen by all players in the same region.

Version 3:

  • Ctrl-shift-e Opens the JavaScript Debug Panel & Development Editor
  • Unlimited offline mode enabled
  • Unfudged Population Numbers
  • Ctrl-b opens speech bubble list
  • Continue game during budget crisis
  • UI Editing


Version 3

Version 1

Read first

If you have patch 1.6 or higher, some features will be disabled by EA and Maxis. The most things are not showed anymore, so if you have patch 1.6 or higher, you only can add highway roads and trainroads.


Main Article: How To Enable Debug Mode

  1. Place the downloaded file your SimCityData folder (This folder will be in the SimCity installation folder, *\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData).
  2. Start the game and start a city, pause (press the escape key) and just under the X it should have a debug menu option, click that then unpause.
  3. You should now have a menu on the right, this lets you add roads outside of city boundaries connecting them to the freeway.



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