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Okay so I have done a bit of snooping around and have found a number of tools which make this a very simple task. I assume Maxis had actually accounted for the fact people wanted to mod the game and made it seemingly easy to do from the get go. I assume they are waiting a bit until after launch to officially release tools.

This is a very basic guide to get people who have experience in modding started. I will show you how to create a very very simple population mod to show the real values - I do not currently know if this will adjust the AI at all (I doubt it). I am unsure of the current capabilities of this but have succesfully loaded some custom javascript into the game UI etc and would like others to help explore the possibilities.

What you need to begin with:

Some Javascript knowledge.


[s3pe Development Release](

A text editor (Preferably Sublime Text 2) - Notepad will work but will be a pain in the fucking arse.

    • What we do with SimCityPak**

We will use SimCityPak as our general .package file viewer, the reason being is because it has built in model viewer and various other functions that I personally find easier to use than s3pi (unless I am missing something obvious).

Open up SCP and navigate to the install folder of Sim City from the open file dialog. Go into the SimCityData folder - this is where most of the assets are located. Most of the files are named appropiately but the one we will be looking at is "SimCity_Game.package". Open that up. On the left hand side it lists all the files in the package. Have a look around and try to find interesting files. The most interesting ones are usually large in file size and are type JSON or Javascript.

This is general information by the way and not entirely related to the basic visual mod we are going to do - its just to show you how to navigate the files for yourself. You are safe to close SimCityPak.

    • On to the actual mod**

Load up S3PE and open "SimCity_Game.package". CLOSE ALL INSTANCES OF SIM CITY. The file we want is JSON in the TAG column and is large in file size. So click the headings at the top to sort by Filesize. As this is a generic tutorial I cant specifically say what its reference is as I have to assume it changes from patch to patch. The file we are looking for is a huge compressed javascript file which likely starts with:

> 'use strict'; var COMPILED = !0,

Here is a screenshot of the uncompressed code (Sorry only copy I have):

Now export that by rightclicking the line in the table and clicking Export. Load it into your text editor and if it has syntax highlighting either turn it off or change it to javascript.

To make the code at all readable I recommend you plop it into (making sure you turn off the fancy text box or prepare for mass lag).

And replace the code on there with your code.

Now you have 100% editable UI/Whatever else is in there code. For this quick tutorial we are going to find the line that starts with

> simcity.GetFudgedPopulation() = function

I assume you know how to edit javascript so it should be self explanitory but two lines after put

> return a;

Save the file, hop back on over to s2pe and right click the line in the table with the unmodified code and click "Replace", find your new file that you edited and replace with it. Now click File > Save - wait until it finishes - and make sure you close s3pe before loading up sim city to test it out.

If you did it correctly your cities and I guess other peoples cities should now be showing the *actual* population

    • Wrapping up**

As I said this is a generic "off the press" sort of tutorial not designed to do anything other than show people how it can be done on a very basic scale and see what other people can come up with with more time.

Edit another file that looks promising: SimCity_App.package Filter by JSON then order by size, should be top one.

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