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I propose doing this in table format for visibility. /discuss -TheRhodan 14 March 2013

Looks fantastic! Let's do it. --Tony (talk) 13:24, 14 March 2013 (EDT)

First try live, definatly needs improvment regarding mod compability, file changes etc. in each version. Feel free to add/propose new features!! -TheRhodan 18:49, (GMT+1) 14 March 2013

SimCity Patches
Patch notes Release date Version Changes
Patch 1.2 March 7th, 2013
  • Fix for a crash that occurred when claiming a city in a new region on a server that was experiencing lag
  • Fix for an issue where server select would not display the last server played on if that server was currently unavailable
  • Cheetah speed has been disabled, selecting it will not cause your SimCity to run any faster than at Llama speed.
  • Implemented a fix for crashes related to the road system finding the closest point on a road
  • Fixed crashes caused by transport and pedestrian code
  • Identified and resolved a processing problem for cities with helicopters
Patch 1.3 March 9th, 2013
  • Fix for a crash related to the highway interchanges and vehicles.
  • Traffic was optimized for complex road sections.
  • Fix for a specific case of city processing that forced players to rollback their cities to a previous state.
  • Fix for a crash some players saw when exiting their city.
  • Rapidly clicking or accidently double clicking the Claim city button will no longer create multiple regions.
  • We temporarily removed filtering by friends and maps on the Join Game screen to better support database performance. Players can still find friends' regions by going to their friends' profile pages.


  • Various database optimization to address issues with connecting to our servers
  • We added 8 additional servers!
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